Why The Simple School?

Parenting is not easy. Let’s make one aspect of it easier.

It’s Sunday night and all you want to do is sit in bed, sipping your favorite drink and watching reruns of your favorite sitcoms. But do you get to?

Of Course Not!

Instead you are searching for learning activities, planning meaningful lessons and rushing around gathering the materials to use for the week.

Sound familiar?

Whether you are exclusively homeschooling, providing daycare or just want extra activities for your children, The Simple School is here to help you on your journey.

Like many moms, I stay busy and don’t have a lot of time to plan activities, gather supplies and pull it all off without a hitch. I came across so many great ideas, but just couldn’t find the time to plan and implement them. It became increasingly difficult when I needed learning activities for different age groups.

Meaningful activities don’t have to be so time consuming to plan. My goal for The Simple School is to bring you lessons that require short set up and less than 10 materials. I have selected supplies that can be used continuously throughout the week without the need for anything additional.

So you can fill a tub on Sunday night and be all set for the week to come.

Join me and let’s get started making your home The Simple School!

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